watched the last half of the Super Bowl

That was really good football.  It was exciting, it was close, and there some aMAZing plays.  That Holmes touchdown catch was simply stunning, as was Harrison’s 100 yard run.

I didn’t see the first half because I was driving back from Renton (and yes, I was driving, and yes, I enjoyed driving that Prius with big happiness) with the Tom and Peggy travelling stringed extravaganza.  Conflikt II was great and I’ve already pre-reg’d for next year.

Today, more singing and playing. But first, unpacking, grr.

Feeling lazy… cross posted from Facebook

Since Rob H and Lexi have both tagged me….
Here is a list of 25 things about me….
1. I talk and sing to myself all the time. Bugs the crap out of Jeff.
2. I can see three of my mother’s quilts from my bed. Uh, actually that’s four.
3. I am uneasily unreconciled to being committed to rationality … and liking the Tarot. That ‘for entertainment purposes only’ sticker goes only so far.
4. There a couple of people who are still alive and contactable but they’ve gone to a place where I can’t reach them, and I miss them every day.
5. I love Wreck Beach.
6. I’ve written at least 200 songs, and of these have sheet music for about 25, lyrics for about 140, and of that pile maybe 40 are good enough for posterity.
7. All of my close male relatives loathe my singing voice.
8. If I’d married and stayed married to the first man I was engaged to, we’d be celebrating 32 years of marriage this year.
9. I’m really happy I didn’t marry him.
10. I have obscenely self-indulgent requirements for privacy, sleep and down time, which motherhood did little to dent.
11. Is deleted, so as not to offend gender warriors.
12. Is deleted, so as not to offend friends of friends on Facebook.
13. Is deleted, as being TMI. And kinda icky.
14. I started blogging at in April 2004. I lost the first couple of months of posts so the archives only go back to August 2004.
15. I am entertained by the fact that my daughter has used the blog to track the various events that have led her to have PTSD.
16. I love my parents and wish everybody had parents like them.
17. I love my kids and am thrilled that they are really close to being finished school AND that they are turning into wonderful adults.
18. Is deleted. Because Facebook is forever. But it was funny!
19. I give money to fellow bloggers doing primary research in fields I’m interested in, my kids, my church, Medecins sans Frontieres, Breast Cancer Research, the BCCLU, Americans I like who don’t have health insurance and have dirty great medical bills, the Salvation Army, BCSPCA, International Red Cross/Red Crescent, Gaza relief, and street musicians.
20. I love giving homilies at church.
21. I am in constant pain.
22. I think free speech is more important than how people keep using it to hurt my sensibilities.
23. I think freedom of assembly is even more important than free speech and that participating in mass demonstrations is very empowering, which is one of the reasons I love Pride Day so much.
24. I often say what everyone else is thinking but is too smart to articulate.
25. I feel anxious if there isn’t at least a week’s supply of toilet paper in the house.