Wonderful day, be careful when you open the links.

Katie rescued me from my plans yesterday (who needs to clean out the junk room, meh) and we hung out and watched the movie that dare not speak its name, which Katie really enjoyed (and I don’t need an excuse to watch anything with Lenny Bruce in it) and I made french country style apple pies using the mechanical apple corer peeler thingy that Jeff has, and I finally threw out the lard that he moved here to Vancouver after ten years (I opened the package, I counted three kinds of discoloration in the contents of the package, I smelled the package, I closed the package, I threw out the package) which was still not as old as the chickpeas which bore the legend ‘Arva Flour Mills’ which I s-canned about six months ago, which meant that I had to make the pies with pure butter pastry, and they were amazing.  Why the Joy of Cooking says pastry has to have lard in it I have no conception.  Also I made her listen to a couple of tunes on Thirteen, Vixy and Tony’s CD.  I love Apprentice…. Also, yesterday I bought me and Katie a pound of prawns and we cooked and ate most of them.  We also went for a walk and bought candy at 7-11.  We also shared a couple of videos, like this HORRIFICALLY RUDE rap tune, which made me laugh very hard.  I walked her to the bus stop and gave her a big hug goodbye.  After she left (with the smallest of the pies to share with Dax, and a couple of oranges) Jeff and I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Also, yesterday, I used yourfont.com to generate my own font, with Jeff’s help, and I’ve even installed it already.  Then I went to bed, after a perfect day perfectly misspent.

Things I learned yesterday:

I will be making more apple pies.  Because DAMN THEY WERE SO GOOD, and I only got half of one, out of the four I made.  I based the recipe on something Tom U. made for me and Paul once, and Paul and I literally talked about that pie for months.  You know the kind of pie, where you wake up out of a sound sleep to find your partner looking dreamy, and you think, what up? and the other person says I’m thinking about that apple pie Tom made.  That good.

Homemade meatball pita wraps are awesome.

I prefer prawns cold with dipping sauce.

Russell Brand is simply too cute.

If the sun is shining I must go outside.