I love a sunny day

The sun has been out in Vancouver for days, the big dump of snow I gloomily forecast for the middle of February has failed to appear (Yay!!! I was wrong!), I got another date for Saturday night (this time I’m taking him to Horizons, my dime), I’m going to get a holter monitor this morning (and prob’ly half a dozen tubes of blood, blech), I’ll see David Byrne tonight with Jeff (Kopper indicated interest, note to self, talk to her before buying tix), Jeff and I watched the last half of Them (the CLASSIC giant insect fear film) and the new CSI and we ate curried chickpeas and brown rice for dinner.  I made pudding out of the leftover rice (I should probably get it off the back deck before the burglars get into it).

It’s now clear and cold in the city; there’s a skin of frost on the surfaces which will vanish with the sun.