Me singing “Health Wolves” at Conflikt II plus other necessary pictures.

Don’t I look pleased with myself.  Thanks Lady Miss Banjola.

Health Wolves was written as an insta-filk at the Saturday Brunch.  I missed the Saturday brunch last year and this year I got to sit next to Frank Hayes.  I would describe him as acerbically charming  o.0 and exhausted.

Dr. Filk at the Two-fer.

Peggy, armed and dangerous.

Frank “U Scum” Hayes, sufferer of “Frank Hayes Disease” and also the writer of “Never Set the Cat on Fire”.

Yes, that is a homemade theremin, and I heard it, and it rocked, but the sign says, “Will not play for $1/minute.”

All pics credit Lady Miss B.

Lots of links

Biggest space disaster. Dr. Filk told me about this some years ago.

Gahan Wilson explains it all for you. The SF movie plot generator.

Oh look, a rat playing banjo…. and standup bass.

Once upon a time I made up a character named Pockets.  She was an alien and she carried everything she needed.  Now, there’s Eric le Fou.

Fellow Performers!  How to craft a good set list.

D’oh, a deer.

You will notice my mother’s blog is now on the blogroll.

Gerald dear, when are you going to start blogging????