Yours truly, Robof9

You know how I’m always going on about how they are trying to kill me with how slippery the walkways are?  Here’s Robof9’s take on it.


To whom it may concern,


My colleagues and I have been astounded by the lack of care and attention applied to the walkways on campus this winter season.


(Allegra edit – you miserable bastards, are you trying to kill us???)


Each morning, I and many of my fellow employees make the trek from the Cornerstone bus loop down to Discovery Park where we work.  We can be sure that on any morning when the temperature approaches zero degrees, we will be treated to a Russian roulette of walkways, staircases, and roadways that have been variously covered in snow, slush, or black ice.


(Allegra edit – But why slag the Russians when lazy Canadians will do???)


In particular, the worst two locations have been the pathway that connects South Campus Road to the parking lot immediately uphill from the Discovery Park buildings (and coincidentally, right across the street (downhill) from the Facilities Management building!).  This gladed run is steep, and due to either soil erosion or poor design has tilted off-camber in such a way as to guarantee a painful slide into the railing just as you’re trying to turn the corner at the bottom.


(Allegra edit, as I have personally witnessed, and it’s no damned fun watching or sliding).


The staircases that connect the Discovery Park parking lot to the buildings below are also continually in a deplorable state, particularly the western stairway.  They only seem to get attention a week after the weather has rendered them more suitable for an alpine Olympic event than for safe walking passage.


(Allegra edit, I would have said something a little more heated than deplorable – I was thinking “A F*****G MENACE”!)


In the last week alone, I have ground the knee off of a brand new pair of Levis (drawing blood in the process), and wasted a medium-sized cup of Costa Rican Rocket Fuel from Renaissance Coffee.  I’ve also witnessed half a dozen good solid falls by international students heading to the FIS/MTF building.


(Allegra edit – and I saw three myself this morning by the little waterfall.)


It’s only a matter of time before someone seriously injures themselves on these walkways.  Please take action now to see that they are properly cleared on a more regular basis, before someone gets hurt!


Thanks very much,


(Who didn’t sign it that way….)

The barbarians are inside the gate

I was reading about the Australian wildfires. I light a candle for those who died and those of their relatives who are left to mourn for these senseless deaths.

And as much as the 20th century taught us about senseless death, the 21st century will be the worst ever, and maybe the last in human time.

The unemployment statistics in the US are the stuff of horror; the US is engaged in two simultaneous foreign wars, and at least another half dozen by proxy, including Israel/Gaza; the world is full of angry, disaffected, poverty stricken men and their numbers are going to swell.  There are pundits predicting that the future will be determined by them….

When the barbarians came to Rome, they had military leaders.  When the new barbarians strike, it will be from within, and they will have no more conscience or self-governance than a drunken teenager high on meth.  Over the next 15 years, we are going to see barbarities undreamed of brought into our living rooms, and then into our daily lives.

See the lyrics for Leslie Fish’s No High Ground. I wish I could, the damned things aren’t anywhere I can locate on tha interwebs.