I have Scottish blood, so I’m allowed to laugh


I fed Katie and Dax last night, at Brentwood because Dax is not 100% with the welcome mat here and Katie didn’t bother telling me until I was committed that Dax was with her, then came home and saw Jeff hauling in a ten kilo bag of flour, which is a good thing, because there was no flour in the house, and we all know what that means.  No waffles. I’m not saying that me continuing to live with Jeff is contingent upon me making waffles at least once a week, but I’d like to not take any chances.

The Luddite resurfaced in my inbox long enough to forward about ten links to educational videos from Vivid Entertainment.   I only watched half of one; I am not sure I want to advertise myself as being someone who needs remedial sex ed.

I highly recommend 101 Reykjavik.