Finally! A job I can do!

Reddeer sends me the following link:  Get a Job in Wookey Hole!

I can cackle! Anybody knows I can cackle.

Yesterday I made up the downstairs bed, made banana bread, added a new verse to “Give me Five, Give me Ten”, made an appointment to get Miss Margot’s stitches out today (I chickened out of doing it myself), found a FREE LAWNMOWER (now that was a good day’s work) which now I have to borrow a car to collect.  I also filled up more bookshelves, bought some more of the Santa Cruz lemonade – Gosh I love that stuff, and so does everybody else who comes into this house and drinks it all; made Thai Basil Beef for supper, had an idea for a science fiction short story, had a FANTASTIC idea for the McGuffin in the zombie movie, thought very sadly about a friendship – if I can call it that – I have, which I am going to have to jettison (all in the “Allegra, stop hurting yourself on things that you know hurt you” vein), talked briefly to Mike, visited with Paul, managed to call my son without making stupid noises about how it’s his 23rd birthday today and how does he feel about that, discovered his potential job (he’s on tryout this week) is working out, so far as he can tell, practiced guitar for a while, played with the cats – all of them, they appeared to be in a good mood and much more kindly disposed to me these days, and shot, edited and uploaded a youtube video; and I slept in a different room than my laptop, and thus slept way better and longer.

Today I am going to FORCE myself to finish Grieg so I can work on Give me Five, Give me Ten, which seems to want to be worked on a bit more.  And take Margot to the vet.   She’s not gonna like it.

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3 thoughts on “Finally! A job I can do!”

  1. re: all in the “Allegra, stop hurting yourself on things that you know hurt you” vein. In my case this occurs with some members of my family. Either way these patterns seem to be really, really hard to change.

  2. I have been meditating (praying, more like, except not to any particular deity) for guidance on this issue. I think I deserve better than … what I was getting. That last phone call was so disturbing I’ve been off my game ever since. BUT BUT BUT there will be A BABY here in a couple of hours, and I am SO looking forward to seeing Darwin I can’t believe it.

    I still haven’t seen Tanya’s little boy, and I want to see him too while he’s still a weeone.

  3. It’s always good to have things to look forward to. In my case I’ve been thinking maybe I could talk to you or maybe a minister? Then it occured to me that I could write a book. It would get everything down clearly. Might even turn lemons into lemonade (you know, like Angela’s Ashes)!

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