moon over Kitsilano
my fave pic of me and Tammy
Red Hat ladies at a restaurant that no longer exists
Me at the Beach in Dominican Republic out Punta Cana way
Me and Patricia – we’re not pals any more but I learned so much from her
Christmas Party 2007


It snowed a lot that year – from the Cornerstone 2007


We’re on our way to see Picard finale
before there were consumer grade three d printers there were depositional printers and this was something the engineers let me steal – it is a dodecahedron
me eating the deep fried Mars bar which triggered the story about Cthulhu and the Mars bars
Keith and Mike playing together at Jarmo’s old place I think that’s Ville but I’m not sure

I gave the cape to Dr. Mary Crowell because Brooke couldn’t make one that year she was GOH
My favourite of the quilt’s mOm made for me

A sign of the times


Dave informs me that his masks have finally arrived.

Walk with Paul yesterday in Hilda Park.

Tremendous migraine yesterday, knocked me down for hours in the middle of the day and right now the pain behind my right eye is making me wobbly. aaaand there goes the right side of my visual field. Screw this noise, caffeine is required.

Martha Wells’ Murderbot novel Network Effect is out and I’m loving it so far when I can actually see with my eyes.