seven mutuals toasted

That means nothing to you but

I’m on twitter

I follow people on twitter

I find out that other people on twitter are following a writer who gives the most disgustingly ableist writing advice I’ve ever seen. Rants ensued. I read the advice READER IT SUCK√ąD

So I found the person who gave the advice on line, found who follows me who follows her, and unfollowed them all (and I know one of them IRL, although I doubt like hell she’d remember me). They were all middled aged white writers.

that was easy, and I still follow hundreds of people

the Indigenous people I follow on twitter put baby Yoda beadwork and yawning bobcats into my feed, not pathetic ableism

the Black people (especially the disabled Black women, my god) I follow on twitter make me feel before I think new thoughts because I can’t hyper intellectualize my way into a better world

and that’s good because science says that white people are less empathetic than people who aren’t white, AND WHY WOULD THAT BE

pictures from a while back (more of the same)


Still Life with Meccano and Human Hair.
Kira, the cat at Planet Bachelor
affectionate lions
Katie and Ziva in a characteristic pose
Space Station at Miniature World
Patricia’s bathroom floor
A zombie like the old man
John Caspell at Anarchist Mountain
Margot in a box
Family meal with Bonnie that restaurant isn’t there any more
excuse me, WHO lives at Arundel Mansions?
Me at VCon 2011
Done up steampunk for VCon
Katie, blue filter, Deer Lake Park
Me n Simon Fraser, two colonizing bastards