Geezer Dome


First Geezer says, “I’m not quite sure why I’m here. Can I leave yet?”

Second Geezer says, “I thought I knew why I was here, I was hoping I could figure it out from context once I got here!”

First Geezer says, “Perhaps we should repair to the closest tea shop and consider our options.”

Second Geezer says, “All these people look like they’re expecting us to fight.”


First Geezer says, “Maybe we can fight in Algebra.”

Second Geezer says, “I’d prefer to fight hypothetically.”

First Geezer says, “Still holding out for tea.”

Second Geezer links arms with First Geezer, “Now I remember, I wanted to tell you there are now TWO slugs on the downstairs bathroom floor, carefully watched over by a spider!”


pics from the intarwebs

Memorial to lab animals from Russia

January 28 2020 I went on my blog to say Canada should close its borders (pace to the Indigenous who really should have more of a say….) and now here’s Tam supporting my view. Quite the little Cassandra be me.

a ‘snat’ presumably from medieval marginalia as embroidered by @cybiksana – some wag referred to it as a ‘catstropod’
“Based on this excellent creature from Stowe MS 17 f.185r.” per @cybiksana
Racist graffiti on the emblematic lions of Vancouver’s Chinatown. They’re duct-taping bleach to the poor beasts to get the hate speech off. From’s website today.
Doctor, my eyes have seen the years And the slow parade of fears without crying Now I want to understand
from this morning



Desperately seeking completely unchallenging non grimdark shows

We found Time Team on Acorn and I personally am loving it; I think Jeff’s coming along to be sociable.

Spoke to Mike yesterday, as that poem likely reveals. He doesn’t want to see me because he’d just die if he got me sick.
This is our world. The best want to save me, and the rest want to avoid wearing masks with passionate intensity.

Anyway, I’m crying my little eyes out right now, and that’s a good thing, because I’ve been bottling it up for weeks and there’s shit worth crying over. Also, there’s shit worth not crying over, like 4 pm Saturday at Peggy and Tom’s we’re going to attempt to sing again. CAUSE IT WORKED SO WELL LAST TIME LOL we just talked and that was fucking fine thank you.

I feel really sorry for all the people affected by Typhoon Amphan. I don’t understand why that ratfucker Modi hasn’t declared a state of emergency? It is an emergency, the photos and video coming out of the Bay of Bengal and Kolkatta are just heart wrenching.

There are so many trans people on Twitter trying to get away from toxic home environments and begging for money that’s another reason to cry. I remember sitting with Paul and talking through what we’d do if we had a trans kid, and we agreed to love and support our trans kid, but no surgery until they were legally adult. I think we may have huffed the puberty blockers decision but I know we wouldn’t if we had to do it again today.

The four brings of allyship

poem ‘phone call’

A video call is too hard

I don’t have what it takes to manage it
and his laptop’s never booted up
work has eaten every moment

my outgoing text: Call me when
you have the opportunity and energy

I reach out with





better to do this



Finally, as the depression grinds through its portion
of his brain, and barfs up his attention span, he calls back
and I say I don’t judge you for making me wait

it’s like crossing the road in wild traffic
you must wait for your moment and dash

will the world
still be there
when the scramble for now is over