things I hate about other people’s fanfic


saying it’s your first one.


Tyops S o amny tyops  Please poofread your gay works

Insufficient tags or TOO MANY

Changing how you do paragraphs in the middle of the fic.

NO CLOSE QUOTES o god I hate that so much

Mother’s Day

Little Master Alex came by. He’s obviously quite anxious but he played on the deck and in the yard, and we made him a stick and paper battle axe (Minecraft). It was glorious TO HUG KATIE – I didn’t try any of that stuff with Alex – and she gave me two mugs her friend Sherry designed for Mom’s day. We chatted and relaxed. So so lovely.

Later talked to mOm on the phone. And Keith called to wish me a happy mOm’s day so I am feeling the love, it is so wonderful.

Jeff had to go collect a server for a customer and he fixed it so that’s good all round.

Weather was so HOT yesterday. I watered everything. Something’s nibbling on the peas. Bambara beans are not sprouting, sigh. They say it’s going to be 17 today and I bet it will be 24 or 25 before it’s done.

I have no idea if I’ll write today, but there’s always that possibility. Or make masks. Or do any damned thing including nothing.

RIP Jerry Stiller. He and Anne Meara were on Ed Sullivan THIRTY-SIX times. Fave quote: “Creative comedy is like growing geraniums in a mine field.” On their first date she only ordered coffee because she knew he was broke, and then she stole the silverware. ‘I’m going to like this girl.’


ah that moment when you’re ripping your bedroom apart trying to find your glasses and you realize you took them off and just LEFT THEM IN YOUR BED but managed not to roll over on them and destroy 450 dollars of eyewear….. Keith would scold, if he knew.