schnitzel, not korean

Paul and I went for a walk. New Generations Grocery is closed except for pickup orders so that didn’t pan out, but Paul found the last of the Granville Island Lion Winter Ale and I succumbed to one and a half of them when I got home. We also picked up schnitzel from the Balkan House restaurant and so that was a 2k walk, half of it under load, so no surprise I was tired. We ate on the deck for social distancing (I got SO HOT in the mask, how will I cope in hot weather, I have to think of a dodge pretty soon or I’m going to be quite circumscribed in terms of what I can do and where I can go.)

I was fine for allergies for a while but I’m now feeling tender in the brain again.

Damn that schnitzel was good. Literally just got up and devoured some out of the take out container for late lunch or early dinner. The spuds were fine as well. NOM.

Painted on Oh! Zzhu Sam restaurant on Edmonds




ow oh hell ha ha

woke up ripping hair out of my head (caught in a zipper in a blanket) then listen to hail crush down for about 45 seconds. buh bye seedlings

Buster was playing and ran into my door so hard he scared the crap out of me. (I thought Jeff had maybe stroked out or something and collapsed against my door as it had not occurred to me to Occam’s Razor my way through to ‘it’s the darned cat’)

Then Buster did a magic trick (he moved while I wasn’t looking – I was getting a treat ready for him) and just APPEARED in the place I was going to encourage him to go so that was really funny.

I love him, he’s just the best kitty.

Margot as a kitten and young cat