I’m getting hives, probably from the brazil nuts, heavy sigh.

Just ordered doubles and Chicken Roti and Shrimp with Rice from D Roti Shak.


Here’s a funny pic, courtesy of Liz M. shows two old people in a really old car in front of a building called St. Luke’s with a JUST VACCINATED sign like a just married sign.

here’s another funny one, it spells ACAB in cherry blossoms and is apparently from this week in Portland

OLD bugs NEW mental health

If it isn’t broken, don’t need to fix it.

This kind of technology has the potential to reduce human suffering on a planetary scale, but governments could also use it to hunt down and kill people with mental health problems to stop ‘social disruption’ so….



Also, regarding the shooting of a Black man in Brooklyn Centre MN



Song a Day I’d Like To Ask all of the Smart People to Leave

This is the song you sing when the police are about to raid. It is not very cheerful about police. FULL DISCLOSURE I have never been injured by police, but I can name a lot of people who have been.


I’m going to have to ask the smart people to leave / why should they stay here for this crap? / I’m going to sing some stuff like you would not believe / You’ve been warned, it’s a trap! / Why would you want to listen to anything silly / like me attempting to sing about an armadillo’s will he? won’t he? / I’m going to have to ask the smart people to leave / and when you’re gone we’ll all have fun

We’ll have some more when we are done / the drugs alone weigh half a ton / so if the cops come BETTER

run like hell, run like hell / cops are coming, run like hell

Broke my nose, ripped my clothes / cops are coming, run like hell

Cheap cologne / *BROKE MY PH-O-O-ONE* / cops are coming, run like hell

I’m going to have to ask the smart people to leave / and when you’re gone we’ll all have fun….


There’s a time and a place for everything

But as long as I have family to talk to I don’t have to put ALLLL my bs here.

Keith said SO IN THIS FASCIST RERUN SCENARIO are we Poland or Czechoslovakia and sayeth me “You Know We’re Poland. We’re going to get ground between two superpowers, China and the US, with Russia picking at scraps, and there’s not much we can do about it”. and “Well, we’re not going to be ALLOWED to be Switzerland.”

I’m so angry at the typos in the fic I’m reading on AO3 right now even though it’s a charming slow burn fic I’m shutting it down.


fuck the police in Akkadian, thanks to @antthegay on twitter

technically it’s may the policemen be destroyed but who’s quibbling

Laughed my ass off at this next one:

r/vancouver - give this badass his space please

Text on a sticker on a dogshit brown Chevy Van (perfection!) BACK OFF I’m from Surrey. stolen from reddit

As an aside, the first joke I ever heard about the Vancouver area was about Surrey. “What’s the difference between Surrey and a bus shelter?” “If you really had to, you could live in a bus shelter.” Yes, I am aware this joke has racist, classist, and ‘wrong side of the bridge’-ist implications.




Credit @nobonzo on twitter

also this


also the above noted. I’m following her on instagram now, she has some AMAZING tshirts on Etsy.

Ordered Indian food last night. I shouldn’t have but I love butter chicken.

Pet shaming: the public internet practice of hanging a hand lettered sign over your pet’s neck detailing the dreffle thing they did and posting it. Demon shaming (artist unknown)




so allegra has been arguing for the decertification of police unions and the stripping of pension funds for quite a while.

In the UPSUN books, when the elders formally get the land back, they have already brought the Vancouver Police Department to its knees.

  1. they’ve presented the VPD with a much abbreviated code of conduct and a list of all the infractions which are actually supposed to be attended on by the police hint hint it doesn’t line up with the CCofC (the sixers stole all the private police documents about disciplinary hearings and community relations, too and published them on the main sixer site, so the cops start off their relationship with Stô:Lō MST Country on their back foot)
  2. a lot of cops left town at the hand-off…. they saw the writing on the wall. between 1/4 million people fleeing the lower mainland convinced that the takeover will ruin the city (besides destroying their investments) and the news that violent cops will be disciplined, much yeeting occurs. which means there are fewer police
  3. they’ve instituted dismissal proceedings for every cop with a misconduct complaint involving custodial and domestic violence, stalking, racism, sexism, homophobia and misuse of public funds, and you get two flavours of dismissal; one involves getting your police pension, and the other involves trying to sue the city, in which case you don’t get your pension and you get fired, ha ha ha. NEXT!
  4. Even if you aren’t dismissed, you have to RESWEAR YOUR OATH OF OFFICE to the people of Stô:Lō MST Country, NOT THE QUEEN, NOT THE ELDERS
  5. Most police are disarmed. They have pepper spray and truncheons, and thasssallll folks. Armed police must requalify every sixty days and stay clean as a whistle in terms of public complaints. Police are not required to carry weapons. Police not carrying weapons who are injured in the course of their duties get all medical expenses, no questions asked.
  6. All police have their names, stations, photos in AND out of uniform and badge numbers available to the public for reference purposes (the idea of a perp book for cops was too delicious to resist)
  7. The pension plan is now controlled and directed outside of Canada so the feds can’t fuck with it (Iceland, gotta love Iceland).
  8. Police are no longer required to wear full uniforms to work. They need a hat and a badge for identification. (beaded badges come into fashion, and indicate various things about the specific police)
  9. Police are allowed to take second jobs, mostly training cops from other police forces about how to deal with sixers. They are not allowed to provide security services for pay, though.
  10. There are number of places, including the expanded Chinese embassy grounds, where the cops don’t go.
  11. AND OF COURSE, if you want to complain about it, you get to go to the Justice Longhouse of Stô:Lō MSt country, where two of the judges are elders and one of them is a sixer, and court runs 24/7 and you have to stay put until your case is called, and there are no lawyers who understand how the court works who aren’t Indigenous, so best of colonial luck with that, pal.

When the kids were little…

Paul and I took them to a rally at the Morgentaler Clinic after it was firebombed. Catherine had told me many times, as had John, that the cops LIE about how many people attend rallies.  I stood on the base of a lamp post and did a square count to determine that there were at least a thousand people there; the papers the next day said gee whiz there were maybe 200 people.

I told the kids about it too.  They lie.  That’s what I told them.  The cops and the papers lie.

Anyway, when you have your OWN FRIKKIN’ DRONE…. you can tell the papers and the MSM where to shove it.

Fall colours are currently perfect in Ontario.  I wish I could see them.