My new mattress came yay.

My current mattress was seven years old YAY I HAVE A BLOG so I can keep track of stuff like this and I want, need and deserve a better mattress and why not, it got fourteen years of wear since I never get out of bed. I

I have already ranted about my complete lack of getting any goddamned testing done today – to mOm, on the phone, but the gist is the req was refused because the doc was insisting I needed a pregnancy test. So all that effort wasted. Walked home, realized I’m almost out of prescribed medication. After a cheering and calming conversation™ with a pharmacist I will strap muh walkin’ shoes back on in a few minutes and go and get an emergency supply sufficient to get me through until the doc gets back from vacation.

Damn, that salad I made is at peak comestibility. The flavours ran together but the textures stay perky. NOM.


quarter cup sweet onion chopped not too fine

one red pepper de pithed and chopped not too fine but not too big, either, and squarish

half of an english cuke peeled and chopped into palpable bits

as many pitted black olives as look fancy without killing the vibe

as many bocconcini pearls (pearls being the same thing as bocconcini just teeny) as you can bear to part with since the wee fuckers are so damned expensive –– but they make a lovely break from the rest of the textures

a heaping teaspoon of drained capers (optional)

two small tomatoes, deseeded and chopped not too fine because frens I detest tomato seeds. I know without them, no tomatoes, but I dinna wan them in me wame.

Receipt ends:



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