Woke up to a blanket of fog that hemmed the world into to a block. Couldn’t even see to the school.


Continuing to work on a fleshing out and providing lyrics to a couple of songs.

Buster had 3 training sessions yesterday. He’s already trained this morning.

Oatmeal and tea for breakfast.

Paul reiterated that he had a lovely time hiking. He didn’t know how much he missed a walk with some challenge (for me it was super challenging, and it’s an ‘easy’ trail.) He wants to do it again so I’m looking for relatively short but somewhat challenging local hikes, if anyone has any ideas.

Spoke briefly to Keith. We talked about politics mostly, because man, there’s just so MUCH of it right now. The BC Election held our attention for a while.

Apart from mold allergens the air quality is pretty good today.