roast we must

I’ve gone back to feeling really sleepy, so I had a nap. Now I have to roast something that’s thawed in the fridge, and I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE MY SNUGGLY BED. up we go!

Wrote another letter to auntie Mary. Got video of Buster doing tricks. My cinematography is so awful it’s hard to tell.

Bro briefly demonstrates brO says hi! I don’t have his permission for this. So watch it while you can, I’m taking it down if he asks.

Later: the pork tenderloin was absolutely fantastic, the roast red potatoes with Himalayan pink salt, pepper and rosemary were excellent, the mushrooms and onions with a little bit of chicken-flavoured gravy powder were really tasty, and the half squash had to be used because the fridge is set too high and a portion of it froze. All in all I’d have been happy to pay sixteen bucks for that plate (seconds of course are the advantage of home cooking) in a restaurant and that’s nothing like what it cost – the squash was either very expensive or completely free, given that I grew it and had to pay a bomb just for the dirt.

The cold pork will go into whole wheat wraps – I’ll prep a bunch of salad veggies into the right configuration for wraps and we can browse our way through them tomorrow, or eat the leftover linguine.

Because of filming Buster, the laptop should live in the kitchen now. Sure feels weird to be writing when I’m not lying in bed. I’m also handwriting my letters out here during the period of time in the morning my computer doesn’t have wifi, a habit shifter facilitated by brO shutting off the spigot during the required ‘quiet time’.

Between having the computer out of the bedroom at night and no internet in the morning, I’ve been writing a fair amount.

My presbyopia finally shifted around so I grew into my reading glasses. Given what I paid for them I have to say it’s a relief.

Jeff spent part of the day working on busted small electronic things, an activity I heartily approve of, and even more so when I stand to benefit, since he was working on a timer he inherited from Granny, and as part of my review of habits, I need timers.

I should backup my laptop.