scraping up my confetti

Sorry, the post title is a reference only my mOm will get.

I am so angry and sad I don’t have much place for it. Tom’s situation is not good. He’s very ill, and he’s being treated, and Peggy is being calm and realistic, which means shit’s very hard indeed. More I cannot say; I am communicating privately with the people we’re close to who are also close to Tom at Peggy’s behest, and it’s not jolly.

The Lekki Gate massacre in Nigeria…. it’s terrible. But protesting police violence has a price the world over…. that shouldn’t be death and disfigurement.

Flu shot at pharmacy and televisit with doc today.

Later – I’m feeling like maybe I do not wish to leave the house. Nope, no flu shot.

The go pro arrived, but Buster is boycotting training because we locked the cat door because Jeff needs to collect cat poop for the vet. HE IS LITERALLY ON STRIKE.

I made brown buns to go with the chili.