fic 3089 words, flowing like poop from a diaper, as in, way more easily than seems either fair or rational…. but of course when I’m writing incredibly sappy slow burn fics life is beautiful and I love unreeling the setup over a couple of chapters…. the pen just gives of itself.

letter to mOm written but not mailed

made a 75% whole wheat crust pizza with half store bought pizza sauce half storebought tomato pesto spag sauce (reduces the sugar content), mozzarella (half as much as last time, even I found the last one too much) onions olives and the very last rescuable bits of the sad tomatoes in crisper, and it was good although unlike the last time it stuck to the pan like a sonumabitch


letter to the BC Liberals this am

To whom it may concern;

I was appalled to see the ad the BC Liberals are running regarding the homeless in BC.

For your party to state that you will ‘protect’ citizens from homeless encampments when the BC Liberals’ failure to keep housing affordable, build more social housing and prevent Chinese oligarchs from using BC as a place to launder money are the major reasons homeless encampments currently exist in BC is so disingenuous, cruel and possibly evil that I am left hoping for your complete electoral destruction.

Given Whelpkinson’s gleekish performance and the entire gong show of not knowing which of your ‘candidates’ thinks abortion and contraception should be taken away from those nasty, nasty women who have nasty, nasty vaginas, it’s a good thing to wish for.

Also, congrats on formulating ads that are likely to repulse the young people you need to join your party if you’re to survive.

Fail soon,

Allegra Sloman