report of the day

I’m getting lovely feedback on the fanfic, it’s most restorative. 300 hits already.

Tom is still in hospital. I’m not at liberty to speak of his trials, but he can come to the phone and describe them, so it’s not currently critical. Peggy’s the only one allowed to visit.

Paul came home on Monday from Seattle and is now ensconced in the Motel. I will take him a care package in a day or two including tea and other whatnots – Keith is also tapped for same.

Jeff’s off to the chiropracter.


I have a new project idea, but it won’t involve recording Buster training. I have a piece of video now, and Buster doesn’t like being filmed, so….. sadly. No more training video idea. No idea where that lovely meme came from.



LOL, no source provided