called Tom, no answer

called Mike, he’s alive but not great

called Dave, he sounded delightfully upbeat

Did the shop, there’s chili in the pot. I put it in the instant pot and it started burning right away so I transferred it and put it in on low over the stove.

Had my shit together enough to ask Jeff to stop at the postal outlet on the way home (different route, requires planning) and to my annoyance they moved it to London Drugs on Sixth. GRRRR I need stamps for my letters for mah peeeeeps!

I’m thinking of fish for lunch or dinner, depending. for the halibut.

Trying to get my self together to run some laundry and wash my bedding but I’ve been going flat out since I woke up at 3:30 and now I can’t collapse because there’s something to mind on the stove.

Made 50/50 whole wheat/white flower buns yesterday, when you take a loaf’s worth of dough and form it into a little flower of seven buns, one in the middle and six all the way ’round. They came out FANTASTIC and of course I tried to eat the entire thing.

lollll Image

letters mailed

there’s one for Jan and Jim as well.

I have a lot of phone calls to make today


made one already, now I have to go to the website because they’re making it as mucky as possible to do it by phone


later – I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY APPLIED TO PHARMACARE can I just not do anything else today? but NO more work awaits! la la la and only a 600 dollar deductible.

and Buster’s going to the vet today so the morning shop’s been shifted to later in the day