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Katie took a break in the middle of the work day yesterday to take my phone call because I think it’s safe to say that I’m concerned for her mental welfare at the moment and we had a rudely long call (as far as her employers are concerned) but she was already in an office so there weren’t any big ears and we could just hang.

Some parts of the conversation were incredibly painful, the stuff that you just don’t put on social media because of how it plays out over time, because of who might be affected adversely, because of who might cruelly take advantage of it. But I have to say that overall, given her circumstances, Katie is doing the correct things in the correct order and Keith and Paul are being supportive and (relatively) non-judgemental. Things aren’t great but they aren’t critical, and the baby is fine as far as any of us know. And now I’m going to post this before I say something I shouldn’t.

I’m spending an awful lot of time thinking about Honey on the Moon/Best Roommate in the World without actually writing and now I’m thinking I want to rewrite it so it’s a much slower slow burn.

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