little walk

Paul and I took three turns around Hilda Park (a little over half a k) and then I took him to Edmonds Pho. I had beef and beef ball pho with no noodles and extra bean sprouts and he had a salad roll and spring rolls. It was even better than I remembered. (Normally I have the pork chomp).

7038 words on Part II

I am having weird violent bouts of gut raunch and since I’m not eating anything different and don’t appear to be otherwise ill it’s troubling. I was forced out of bed in the middle of night, had paroxyms of pain, and then…. loo de doo, everything fine apparently.

a complete asshole with ties to the CPC is mayor of Vancouver. It’ll be four years of pure hell and the cops running wild on the streets and killing the unhoused, the mentally ill and the drug involved with no oversight.

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