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What will that Putin guy get up to next? Well, the news commentariat in English is trying to talk about Russian unlimbering nuclear weapons in its desire to secure security as if anything about it is normative or acceptable, and that by itself makes life awkward.

Another bad Air Quality day in the lower Mainland as the #Minnekhada park fire continues. No rain and summer conditions  so no help from the weather.

Apart from running a load of laundry and leaving the house with Paul yesterday was a day of doing nothing OH I FORGOT watched the first four episodes of Andor. Absolutely love the show.

Mall walk with Paul yesterday. Got some treats at Cobbs – four chocolate croissants and two blueberry custard danishes. Damn they were good. Also got some pita bread from the pita bread factory. Still thinking about Paul going to the pita bread factory at Eid and expecting to find one crumb of pita bread in the joint. Men are so cute sometimes.

It’s like all I care about these days is food. Everything else seems suspect.



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