The return of the catfather

Buster was waiting on the back stairs for Jeff upon his return, which made for a pleasant moment. Jeff has recovered from the grab bag of indignities that ferry travel subjects him to. Before his arrival I managed to get all the food containers and compostable trash dealt with so the kitchen wasn’t armpit high in trash.

Forgot to mention that two days ago there was a very welcome phone call at noon-tide, Dave and I got to chat until a scheduled call intruded. It’s very pleasant to talk with old friends; you can wander through a very long list of subjects, objective (to some extent) and subjective (mostly), make assumptions based on long acquaintance, and frame your humour in a narrow (cause it’s just two people talking) but life-affirming (because you are continuing to slowly build your friendship) context. Put me in a better mood, I can tell you that.

Woke up this morning thinking, “I hope to god it’s at least 4 am” which would indicate I got enough sleep and when I checked it was 3:56. This put me in mind of my first husband, Phil Sloman, who not only had a bump of direction (one of those human talents that you have to see demonstrated before you believe) like a Heinlein hero, he had ‘inner time’ – you could wake him from a sound sleep and he’d know the time within a minute or two! (I remember doing that to him at least once while we were living on Jefferson. He asked me nicely to stop doing that.)

Part of my typing promblem (sp) is that the ‘e’ key on my Macbook is turning its toes up. I’ve been darkly thinking I have to come up with another two grand to buy a replacement, and not wanting to, but I think I should before ICs and manufacturing REALLY go for a poop over the next 6 months to a year.

I wish I could explain how sad I am that food prices are going to shoot through the ceiling and keep going. Three things feed into this besides the weather; not enough fertilizer, dirty or absent aquifers, war. I wish I could foresee the dislocation and outmigration caused by prolonged drought enough to profit from it; all I hope is that the precious and fertile land of the Fraser Valley isn’t destroyed by flooding. China, Europe, the US and Australia, they’ve all had rivers dry up. In solh temexw (soul temock, roughly, but check the pronunciation) we’re having salmon streams run too dry for the fish to spawn. Too much and too little. The future of the world.

I seems clear that the Republicans will retake the house by a narrow margin, and Reagan’s experiment will see its fulfilment.

I was drowsing in my chair downstairs and thinking that it’s a reprise of slave times. Some people are slaves and some people are masters; we can’t turn back the clock on technology, but we can always turn it back on people, and when you turn the technology back on the people with surveillance and brutal laws, you cause human pain, especially to the vulnerable and the sensitive, all through the submission to authority, the process of liberation and the excesses of revolution. It’s a lot harder, (as the show Andor says) to have a revolution when the empire has eyes everywhere, repressive laws and their fulfilment everywhere, and the capacity to extract wealth when you do not. It’s no surprise Andor himself comes from a planet that was populated by an Indigenous group, in its entirety repressed and mined, and finally destroyed, by the empire.

Zero new news about Katie’s household.

Mike came over last night. I will have mentioned, or did I, that he’s having ZERO LUCK WITH MACHINES these days, just a brutal series of things not working or spectacularly breaking in front of this eyes, that’s been going on since spring. (I got a demonstration of this last time I spent time over there, very disheartening because you want to believe your friend is just being paranoid BUT NO.) Anyway he has no printer at the moment so he forwarded me a PDF to print and after being streaky the printer finally coughed up a couple of decent facsimiles for him to use TO RETURN MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT which was defective out of the box <—- see above noted ZERO LUCK. Yes, Mike gives astonishing gifts, but I’ll have to wait to see what it is, even though I know it’s from a musical instrument and equipment warehouse. (how well he knows me LOLOLOL.) He also watched a couple of Beavis and Buttheads with us and brought out some hash (“Sure Mike, I’m not going anywhere.”)

As satire, B&B is really among the best that’s out there, at least for white people.  When Butthead says, of another MTV show, “This is what the bottom of the barrel looks like,” it’s exquisitely funny.  (Also true; the show he’s critiquing is one where heterosexual couples ask tattoo artists to give each other secret tattoos and then there’s a big reveal at the end, which is what caught Butthead’s disdain, since he misread one of the tattoos as ‘diarrhea’ and well things devolved rapidly from there.) I informed the lads that I have diagnosed Beavis as having a personality disorder, possibly as multiples from his childhood trauma; Jeff intoned that Butthead is just a moron.

9419 words Part II

2377 words on the fanfic

Wordle 501 3/6

No, I did not use cheat sites to figure this out. The only reason I got this so fast is because my starter word – every morning – is ‘B L E S T’ — partly as a daily reminder how fortunate I am, and partly because it’s a REALLY GOOD STARTER WORD unless there’s three ‘p’s in the word of the day in which case I’m boned.)

I could be a bum and give what today’s word is, but let’s just say it gave me a laugh and leave it at that.



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