lovely lunch and walk

We went to the Fraser Foreshore after going to the Crest and sending Ruth a bucket of documents from Paul for her to sort and analyze. We were supposed to go to the Fraser restaurant after for lunch but it was JAMMED I mean the entire parking lot from one end to the other was jammed and the outside tables were all jammed too. So we went to our fallback, Phó Edmonds, and had a lovely meal; then visited the bakery next door for treats for Paul and Keith (picked up flower bread for Jeff) and went back to Casa Caspell, where I googooed at both Oreo and Ryker and picked up ten bucks worth of beef stew, frozen, from Keith, which is now defrosting in the fridge.

The birds in the forest were in full spate – we saw the usual brace of songbirds and ducks and great blue herons, and walked at least 2 k, so we really made an effort after weeks of my being a lazy bum.

It’s turned out a simply lovely, warm sun/cool breeze sort of spring day full of dappled sunshine.

Tomorrow we’re doing a tour of one of the local homes for eldercare. I’ll be heading over to Paul’s for about 9:30 am and then we’ll run some errands afterward. Keith will be joining us.

Paul was quite sour when we first started walking, making many comments that nudged up against “EVERYBODY IS BLAMING ME FOR EVERYTHING” and I did my best to not take it personally until walking enough and eating put him into a better mood. He says that any time he talks to Keith, Keith ignores him, and I hate to be a contrarian, but it just ain’t so.

I promised if he went into care I’d see him Tuesdays and Thursdays and take him for walks and run errands. No weekends cause that would be for the kids and grandkids. Yes I’ve been terrible about this since the weekend of Jim’s memorial. I have not been 100%.

Just got a forward on twitter from Michael Balter about this. What a HORRIBLE TRASHFIRE ABYSS OF SUCK that woman is.

Anyway, my day is back under my control so I’m going to run a load of laundry and check my mail and I’m finally well slept enough I don’t need a nap.

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