So I did my Lumosity and after weeks of very shitty results I got this today: – the trophy cups represent best score ever…. Familiar Faces is a wickedly difficult game and I’ve been stuck on a level for about 8 months now so that was a real relief! Of course it’s the math game I huffed. Sigh.  So there you have it, my brain is working better.

I’m wearing on of John’s tshirts because I miss him so much these days.

Paul has visited another facility and likes it better. We’ll learn soon which is going to get his business. Either way it’s close to where I am currently living.

The second biggest hunting spider I’ve ever seen was in the upstairs bathroom sink this morning. I didn’t turn the light on so I didn’t notice him (claspers) until I went to wash my hands and there’s a SHELOB shape so I had to press pause while I got him safely out on the deck.

Kudo on a story last night. Mebbe 65 words yesterday on TB and a whole bunch of musical practice. Still haven’t put my laundry away but I’m not too worried. I’m too busy being inspired from Tuesday night.

Katie and I and the kids are supposed to go to Victoria this weekend but I don’t have the stomach for four sailing waits and there are no reservations available, coming or going… so I advised against. We’ll know later today.

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