concert went great

Cindy received plaudits for her glorious voice, of course, and Lem was happy to see me. She fed me again, blessed woman.

Buster was making little wailing noises and walking around at my feet as I was sitting on Couch # 3 in the media room. Jeff was watching Le Mans or playing Borderlands, I can’t remember which. I said, “What’s wrong buddy?” Then I said, “Yesterday it was very noisy around here… Alex, and then me and Cindy rehearsing. Are you upset because it was noisy?” He gave me a look and then jumped into my lap.
Buster doesn’t have a problem with TV noise unless a) there’s a dog barking and he can see the ‘stupid dog’ b) there’s a big animal noise like an elephant trumpeting or a lion roaring c) there’s prolonged bass rumbling. It’s real life noise that gets him down.
My computer’s battery continues to slowly die. If it’s at full charge and unplugged from the charger it takes about 20 minutes to get to 50 % – My Reaction:
I am pleasantly still tired but I only have one errand today so that’s good. My errands yesterday went well.

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