more ice cream

Yes I know I shouldn’t. I am in that magical land past caring.

Everybody have the best day they can.

Joke from reddit:

two crabs are eating a billionaire at the bottom of the sea

one asks the other, ‘does this taste a little rich to you?’

Currently rewatching PoI again. We’re about six episodes into the first season. I heart Finch.

Medium is still very enjoyable and I am amazed at how many changes they can ring on the general plot structure… truly grand writing, and some of the best minor characters in any show, ever. I heart Manny and I wouldn’t kick Scanlon out of bed for eating fibreglass.

No paperwork is required of a 16 year old in Ontario who wishes to leave home. All you need is ID proving you’re 16 and up. It’s more complicated in BC but a judge can emancipate even younger if you have a compelling case and a sympathetic judge.

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