This is a list of NO GO PHRASES

So now I have to go through TB and remove all of these:

And by X, I mean Y
Are you having a stroke
Aw helllll naw!
Bacon anything
Bag of dicks
Best ____ ever
Check please
Debbie Downer
Did I just say that out loud
Douche nozzle
Dumpster fire
Epic fail
Epic fail
Food baby
Garbage people
Go Sports!
Gonna leave a mark
Good talk!
Hard pass
He’s standing right behind me
Here’s the line, here’s you
I absorbed my twin in the womb
I can’t unsee that
I just peed a little
I think that came out wrong
I think we’re done here
I’d tell you but I’d have to kill you
I’ll show myself out
I’ll take ____ for $500, Alex
I’m a hot mess
I’m right here
It’s giving me all the feels
Laughy McLaugherson
Life Hack
Little help?
Nailed it!
Note to self
See what I did there?
Shots fired
Sorry (not sorry)
Spoiler alert
Squad goals
Stay classy
Swipe right
Thanks Obama
Thanks, I guess
That happened one time!
That just happened
That went – well
This is why we can’t have nice things
Too soon
Uh, define _____
Um, in English please
Wait, what?
We have fun
Well played
White people problems
Who hurt you?
Why are we whispering?
Worst ____ ever
You assclown

This is from a writer’s room for TV. Interesting eh wot

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