Leo and Linda overnight

Wordle 857 3/6

I very much like the effect of having two 3/6 Wordles in a row. It’s a cognitive thing, I trust you understand.

I’ll pass on the hard stuff first. Two thousand Palestinian children have died in the last seventeen days. A thousand times Ryker and Alex. What can one old Canadian granny do?

Leo and Linda arrived. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that a family elder showed me a new use for google maps – he pinned himself to a map while in the rental car so I could watch he and Linda approach. I figured for sure they’d get nailed by traffic or construction or the utter deranged randomness of Vancouver driving, of which Jeff and I have so often spoken. But no, they sped into Vancouver from Squamish like a rocket sled on rails, got their Bags of Capacity into the basement, and met Alex briefly.

Katie, because she is a complete darling and understands things, BROUGHT RYKER IN FROM THE CAR. That seems like nothing, but Leo and Linda got to at least experience The Cuteness and Whirlwind That Is Ryker for two minutes while Alex chased him around the center of the house, laughing. And then poor Katie had to stuff him back INTO the car and drive home. No pics it was too brief.

HOWEVER Fisherman’s Park yielded this for Leo’s lens:

L&L kindly ordered dins and I have leftovers for first breakfast and after I drop off Alex we’ll go to Foreshore for second brekky and then I have a long and tiresome errand with Paul which Lois asked me very nicely to do and it needs to happen if Paul’s going to comfortably keep living where he is, which he likes, and wishes to continue to do, with support, which, in part, I am. I can grouse but Paul needs the help and I have his freaking car.


I’m sure there will be super low key celebrations across the Salish Sea when the folks head across on Thursday.

I could say something about the loss of the ‘music room’ since I need to practice so much for Orycon BUT I AIN’T BEEN PRACTICING ANYWAY so there’s that.

and some fluff; The Accidental Mr. Right has been added to the Lesser Known Destiel Fics on AO3

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