New song – Vancouver mods

Vancouver mods I hate ‘em with a passion
they’re one and all irration
Vancouver mods, they do bad things to ferrets
their brains are mushy carrots
I hate them, I hate them
I hope their dearest loved ones all catch hollow heels and die
I hope they get diseases where their torsos meet their thighs!
Spontanyusly combust and thus completely carboNIZE
May all the just and mighty gods
decorticate Vancouver mods
and in conclusion fuck Vancouver mods

vancouver mods

The TwoX mods, those jerks are even worse

The AITA mods please don’t get me started


Mike warned me about them but I just cannot believe the rationale for removing my post. My response is childish and quite enjoyable at least to me, and nobody is getting hurt.

Leo and Linda very kindly took us to the Foreshore. Jeff’s got a bug of some description. He crashed hard yesterday afternoon and retired to his room.

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