The worm’s eye view

Deleted this craigslist ad to prevent entombment by lawyers


It was an ad for a difficult job paying 12.50 an hour, for a company importing Christmas ornaments from PRC.


Long ago, when I was still equivalent to married and John was living with us, he told a story about a Chinese dissident who after many travails escaped from China and came to live in Golden Mountain (Canada).  He went to a dollar store and found the Christmas ornaments he’d been forced to make back in jail in China.  Even if your Christmas chachkas are not made by dissident forced labour, there’s still a good chance that somebody not making a lot of money made them.  And now, to complete the circle of capitalism, the above noted ad.  They want a UNIVERSITY DEGREE, ability to translate back and forth between English and Cantonese/Mandarin, and the ability to work miserable hours for 12.50 of each of those delightful hours.  And the hell of it is, this being Vancouver, they will probably get her.  And you wonder why I have trouble finding a job.


The Seattle PD responds to marijuana legalization. pOp you MUST read this, it is the single funniest statement to the public evar by any PD.  The tone, the tone.

A friend who’s otherwise entirely left wing doesn’t support legal marijuana on facebook.  I disagreed with him, but not by taking issue with one substance.

My response:


Legalize everything.

The problem with marijuana legalization is that the state removes a tariff (essentially) and the profit from a wildly lucrative trade.  It is lucrative for those who build prisons and put disproportionate numbers of POC in them, lucrative for bad people with automatic weapons, and lucrative for state sponsored terrorists from foreign climes.

When you pull insane amounts of profit from the hands of bad (mostly) men, their response is not to roll over and play dead, it’s to find something else to profit from.  In this case it would be refined opiates and meth that they would now be trying to extract value from. Or they’ll push human trafficking instead, since the demand by men for teenaged girls seems to be entirely limitless.   I will be fascinated to see if the rates of meth use and reported human trafficking bump up, along with intergang carnage, in the places marijuana has been legalized.  It may be the revenge of unintended consequences all over again.

The Portuguese model of across the board treatment of drugs as a HEALTH issue has been running for 10 years and their HIV rates have plummeted, their societal costs for drug use are minimal, they’ve unclogged the courts and drug use across the board has been reduced especially in young people, and what sane human being doesn’t want to see drug use rates in teenagers fall.  I would be willing to hazard a guess that human trafficking is worse though, although I have no proof of that.

(That’s what I put on facebook – I could have said MUCH MORE).


Here’s the triggering article from the LA Times.

Any article of popcult-moaning regarding the lout, without at least pulling a few examples of acceptable contemporary femininity, like, say, that appalling creature Snooki from the Jersey Shore who is so Ms Everywhere on the Scanalyzer that even I, who would rather get a day’s worth of dental work than watch Jersey Shore, cannot avoid her, is missing a point.  One point among many.

As humans continue the ongoing experiment of self domesticating themselves,

an experiment that degrades the human experience from birth by pressuring women to participate in da inhumane folly of unnecessarily invasive first world childbearing practices, kicks it up a notch with virtually no support for breastfeeding, kicks it up a notch with our ludicrous notions that we can protect our children from all harm by caging them (while saying on dog rearing websites that puppies raised in a cage are not capable of being properly socialized if you cage them longer than 16 weeks, HELLO does anybody see two points with a connecting line here? apparently not) and driving them everywhere, kicks it up a notch by parking the kids in front of a television from the minute they’ll sit still for it until the minute they find better things to do, kicks it up a notch by giving them inane and useless and actively degrading and mean-to-active-children schooling, kicks it up a notch by publicly rewarding assholes, goofs, drama queens of every gender, phat beat whiners and dictators, kicks it up by actively mocking those enjoy solving problems instead of making them, kicks it up a notch by providing actively anti-social activities…. like Xbox computer games and porn for boys, and computer games on facebook and reality tv for girls…..

we’re getting the kids we’ve bred.  If they behave badly, it’s because they were trained to, and not punished for being rude and rewarded for being polite.  It’s that simple. We are the subjects and objects of an experiment, and the experiment is COMING WRONG.

If you have kids, raise them properly – teach them that life is a story; it has a beginning/middle/end.  Even if the story is sad or hard, it’s a better story if you have manners, and hang around with other people with manners, who love you and who are lovable.  If you can’t do that, DON’T FUCKING WELL HAVE CHILDREN.  And certainly don’t expect this violent, mercenary and child unfriendly culture to do the heavy lifting for you if you do.

There are thousands of sex-trafficking victims in Canada.  They are forced migrants, aboriginal children and runaways of every description.  Anybody who thinks Canada is a child friendly place has only to look at our ability to convict child-sex traffickers and the truth of the lout is revealed.

Why would a lout want the trouble of a real woman when for a bit of cash he can have a 16 year hot Asian chick being pimped out of a massage parlour across from Metrotown?

It’s always the unspoken assumptions that trouble me.

I briefly mentioned porn.  I know men who have destroyed their ability to relate appropriately to women (as in, have normative heterosexual intercourse…) because of porn.  They retreat into loutish behaviour because they know things are not going to come right in the bedroom.

I also meant to mention that over the last 50 years, an increasing amount of troubling chemicals have wound their way into our lives and hormone balances.  There are wholesale behavioral shifts in human activities, sexual expression and gender identification which I think are bigger than what would be caused by talking about things on the daytime agony columns like Oprah or Jerry Springer.  There’s something much more basic going on in my view, and I’ll be talking about that more in later posts.

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