pluggin away

38522 word count. Feeling very yucky and my bp is not great.

I want to run away from home, which is hilarious, because it’s the only place I feel comfortable.

Lady Hale read the UK Supreme Court decision regarding the prorogation of Parliament and she was wearing the BIGGEST FUCKING SPIDER BROOCH you have seen in history and within MINUTES there was a t shirt imitating that look on sale in the UK.


I have redone the tempo key and tune for Dishing with Joyce. Even when I’m not writing other creative stuff is going on. I haven’t been practicing every day of late, but anyone who thinks I’ve gone soft is advised to inspect my callouses, although not my dulcimer callouses, cause I’m losing them.

The problem is that Rowena is a fucking MONSTER TO TUNE. There are separate issues, she’s not level or flat or anything in any dimension and she was put together in a hurry by a man who openly needed money (at least if my recollection of our facebook convos has any accuracy) so she is gorgeous and a peach and sounds great when she’s in tune but when she’s not IT’S what feels like HOURS OF GODDAMNED FUCKERY because besides everything else merely tuning her to standard tuning DOESN’T WORK because the frets are out by a c-hair. I am seriously considering not taking her across the medicine line. My packing list looks like a horror show.

Anyway, because she’s a monster to tune she gets played less. The little Johnson Mandolin never gets played because it has the worst pegs evar and will not stay in tune in any dimension, but it’s just the one problem, otherwise it’s a sweet little thing.

And because played less, losing callouses.

Jeff’s off at a client’s. He is a noble and faithful consultant, and he needs a hollerday.

I should take my vitamin d, I think I’ve forgotten the last couple of days.

An afternoon with Alex

He wore his onesie. For me. Because he knew I would like it. And he likes it. And he can’t wear it to school, which apparently irritates him.

Katie’s recoloured her hair. It’s gorgeous.

Anyway, Katie was going to take Alex shopping after we went to Edmonds Pool with him. She looked so exhausted I volunteered to take him while she shopped. We made chocolate muffins (Jeff will get some when he gets home, which I assume will be today) and he HELPED.

Then he spilled chocolate milk all over the downstairs carpet. But that was the only fly in the oinkment, he was otherwise fantastically well behaved.

We watched a couple of volcano videos and the landing sequence from Europa Report. Also, R. Crumb’s Stoned Again. I have no idea how these things happen.

I love him so much, the little monkey man. Also it was very nice to be able to do something Katie needed done.

the squeeze

4691 words total on new chapter

Sometimes the requirement for brevity is a blessing. Posit a character not given to much talking and to speaking of his emotions, unless he’s irritated, not at all.

Someday the love and affection I feel
Will be held up and mocked
or be rendered unreal
We’ll never get closure
so babe, here’s the deal:
I’ll love you the best that I can

(slow waltz time, like old fashioned country music)


It’s a fanfic song, because pairings in sff are constantly under attack. In the case of the pairing I’m thinking of, since s6:17 at least they’ve been teased about it and rendered unreal means that any shift in the timeline takes them out of each other’s lives, like it never happened.

But also, I’m writing about what’s going on with me right now. I am trying to be a wise elder and accepting of change and loss, but I’m stewing about things and stuff and it’s not making me cheerful and wanting to go to a Climate Strike event today.

Dour as my mood is… I’m writing.


Our society’s current systems of legibility creation are overwhelmingly top-down, serving the interests of power, and this has created a crisis. A lot of people don’t trust science & the media, for good reasons… and turn to boomer conspiracy or youtube chud dumbassery instead.
In the immediate collapse of the centralized systems of social epistemology we have not had time to cultivate efficient and evolutionarily fit decentralized replacements. So the landscape — in particular the boomer and conservative landscape — is overrun by bullshit.
taken today from William Gillis’ twitter feed.

How well do you have to know someone to get their foley catheter out

1348 words on ‘bathroom break’ a new chapter in  HOTM Redux. See title of today’s post for what it’s all about. Mom, try and guess which two characters this references.

Footsball has started, here’s A LINK TO A HYMN TO DOLPHIN ATROCIOUSNESS. Sing it out brother, it’s obviously in your system.

Jeff took me to breakfast yesterday, it was nom.

Is it too much to wish for a Willow sequel (with Warwick Davis OF COURSE)

better sleep

After a rough couple of nights of sleep I’m feeling somewhat better. Paul took me out for lunch at the pho and I felt so bad when I told him I could not bear the idea of a walk, but a walk this morning sounds like a better idea.

I HAVE A PURPLE ONESIE! Also Alex’s red checked onesie arrived and it should fit him nicely. Just to mess me up he calls onesies WENDIES.

Fall weather has commenced! time to start carrying a rain jacket or an umbrella all the time.

Haw haw Trudeau’s campaigning plane got damaged when a media bus drove under it in Victoria.

If you get a chance to read the Yellowhammer report or the article linked to…. Jesus wept.

I know it’s all part of the ‘making cops look wonderful’ stories we’re getting these days, but I’m really enjoying Hudson and Rex.


flying visit

We decided to indulge Alex with a flying visit to the great grandparents – he asked for it – and he was a little hellion for most of it, and I’m a terrible grandma.

I had probably the worst night’s sleep I’ve had there, ever, but still got six hours, so….

We cruised around the garden, and I’m glad I did. The very very last of the honeysuckle was blooming and I got to smell it.

Seriously thinking of hiring a private investigator for a personal matter.

Alex is growing something amazing. There are tall skinny men on both sides of the family.

Watching fantastic mothers be broken by class warfare and misogyny  is not my favourite activity.

happy fambly news

Alex is in before and after school care now, which is a tremendous relief for Katie. I hope it all is good and I look forward to inspecting the joint.

Here’s a very interesting article about a disease / syndrome that bugs the shit out of some dear ones of mine.

I’ve been having funny ideas about HOTM again, both funny ha ha and funny peculiar. The block in this case is an order of operations thing.

fic is up past 8K words. Parts of it are lovely and descriptive, but it’s mostly dialogue. It’s so annoying, making Dean say something novel when he’s got a range of about 10K words. This is rom-com. The porn’s perfunctory – it’s all about the feelings. SO MANY gooey run-on sentence feelings. I loves that bit. Meeting someone that it’s worthwhile to be nice to, the flowing feeling of life being okay and oriented correctly, finally. <— this is the point of it.

Boris Johnson is a clownbag and other stories

His behaviour in UK Parliament over the last couple of days is scandalous where it isn’t treasonous and a grift of international proportions where it’s neither of those. The Guardian If! cartoons have been SAVAGE I mean the Queen gets a right SHE-(L)LACK-ING

This is Michael Balter: He is my twitter pal. We message back and forth a couple of times a year. He is a mensch. If there are not guys holding bastards like Lordkipanidze accountable for the bullshit bullying and sexual harassment they do, regular newspapers won’t touch it. And he does it for free.

Alex came by yesterday with his mama. He had an excellent opening day at school. His dad was also there to help fill out paperwork.

Genre writers’ meetup last night another lovely evening.  I probably won’t attend so much once the weather is bad, but getting out of the house feels interesting and sometimes almost good. I still have to force myself to do anything that involves leaving the house.

Jeff neglected his sunscreen and is now as Caucacious as one can imagine. He’s not suffering from the sunburn although various muscle groups are remonstrating with him from time to time.

I am doing a bunch of behind the scenes writing stuff, honestly, and also I can now publicly announce since it is known to Paul that LOIS IS COMING FOR HIS BIRTHDAY possibly also THE BOB which would be so so wonderful.

Grifters gonna grift: Jacob Wohl gets bit.

For future reference this is an article saying he’s wanted for a felony arrest warrant for being a fucking capitalist ‘double your money’ and ‘bet on Trump’ grifter.