Bolton never seems to go away says 2019

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2005-04-20— Posted by: allegra

Just in case that link disappears, it’s about a company that had to fire a third of its work force after they failed drug tests.

Pope Ratz has chosen the name of Benedict XVI, which is great; St. Benedict was quite the guy and the last Pope Benedict was apparently a peacemaker in the church. My question is, this guy is obviously a place holder until a younger Pope can get elected… how long are we expecting him to last? He’s 78. Looked pretty spry up there on the balcony though… I opined to John that he looks good for at least 10 years.

Bolton is getting held up by Repulsigans for the confirmation of his appointment to the UN? I had to go back and read it again. About a week ago I read in Raw Story that he went ape on some female government worker about a decade ago, and thought, snarkily, typical Bush appointee, bad karma up the yin yang but lots and lots of pull AND YOU SHOULD SEE what the neocon websites have to say about Bolton! The way they go on about it he’s the one thing standing between the US and the Antichrist. I admit that the UN is not my favourite organization, but they have kept the peace in a lot of unpleasant places, with substantial help from the Canadian Forces, and the occasional lapse in taste and judgement, but oh well. And maybe there are UN employees and designates who are helping run the sex trade out of Eastern Europe but it’s hard to make a living on what the military pays you, and all those women want to be locked in a room with a bunch of Israeli businessmen for 5 years anyway (better than being a farm worker in Moldova, right?). Okay, I’m bitter. Anyway, Bolton is a man with an interesting history and I don’t think he has the chops to be UN ambassador, but I imagine he’ll be confirmed anyway.

Also read this morning that the Conservatives in this our native land want an election. Well I bloody well don’t. Neither do the Liberals – low voter turnout will substantially hurt them, and if they call a snap election we’ll have 3 bloody elections in BC in the space of six months. Bastards! Three rounds of explaining to people who are communications challenged that I AM SO on the voter rolls. Calice.

I expect the NDP will do better in the next provincial election; they could hardly do worse. Hope you all have a lovely day.

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2005-04-20— Posted by: allegra

It’s the first time in ages I could actually see something besides fog and rain spatters at the Mt St Helens webcam, so I thought I’d post it, mostly in remembrance of all the people in Indonesia who had to run away from a volcano recently.

Paul’s off riding with Rob W, and I am contemplating my options… shepherds pie or mac and cheese again? It was REALLY good and I’m thinking, yup, that’s what I want.

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