great seminar

enough sleep
2005-04-19— Posted by: allegra

Wrote a song for Paul last night. Tried to post it but I forgot how to do it and save the formatting so it looked pretty scabrous. I really am a bear of very little brain.

Made bread and homestyle macaroni and cheese last night. Dang, it was good! It’s also gone, Katie and Keith and Paul just wolfed it when they showed up from NonBF’s, Karate and Work, respectively.

What’s with Gmail? I’ve been having a hell of a time logging on.

What a great seminar
2005-04-19— Posted by: allegra

I enjoyed the seminar immensely, and I am firmly resolved to never send another flippant company email again. After seeing the havoc which can be wreaked by being candid in emails, I am a chastened and repentant sinner, and I have resolved to go call people and bother them in person rather than send emails that they never respond to anyway. The food was good too… once you’ve taken food from their hands, you’re sunk.

>>>> this seminar also talked about racism and issues in international business communication. <<<<< 2019 addendum

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