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Bengal cats will remove about $600 from your wallet if you buy a decent one from a breeder, and fine bloodline cats go for way, way more than that.  I first became acquainted with them about 7 years ago at a cat show, and I decided that if I was ever made out of money I’d get one.  For intelligence, beauty and temperament, they really can’t be beat.  Here’s a video that shows just how laid back and smart one can be…

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  1. Looks like it might be worth the $600 and YES I think cats are smart!! Jim is a project manager contracted out to various government agencies. His favourite saying is “It’s like herding cats!”. Here are some of the things our cats did: Uncle Ned regularly babysat two adorable orange Tabbi kittens and enjoyed climbing to the roof and jumping off; when I was 15 we were up to 10 cats, all of which went for an after dinner walk with us; Scrag played bat the ball (inside part of a golf ball) with my brother Jerome; when Mom wanted the cats to come in she whistled and they all came running home; J.J. would wrap herself around my Mom’s neck and stay there while Mom walked around the house doing her chores; Scrag also liked to lick the beer bottles until she was drunk & cuddle up with the dog (a rather large black Lab). Oh, and we also had a cute little grey Tabbi named Hannibal — he attached himself to me even before he was weaned and would climb into bed with me (repetitively), purr and needle me with his claws — gives new meaning to the words “All Night Long”.

  2. And I’ve seen a cat climb a brick wall (voluntarily, it wasn’t being chased). Very entertaining!

  3. Jim[s Siamese cat “Brutus” would stand on the floor by the fridge and jump straight up onto the top of the fridge. I could never figure out how he was able to do this.

  4. Dr. Filk’s Pokey, who vanished last year, alas, was capable of doing the same. He was an unusually athletic cat.

  5. Sadly you never met my Bashful cat. Not only was he an amazing hunter, even after he lost an eye in a twist up with a fischer, but he though he was a dog. He tried to come with us on walks in the forest. When I lined up my dogs to train them he observed. Sit. Lie down. Roll over. Jump through the hoop. Couldn’t get him to dance, maybe the big well fed belly had something to do with it. Part maine coon, he chirped. Hairiest darn thing in the world, a snowstorm broke out with each pass of the hand on his fur (only petted him outside). He was appropriated by wildlife, possibly a coyote, last summer.
    Oh, and he was free, except for the neutering and subsequent operation to remove the damaged eye.

  6. Oh, and the stupid cat trick…he would walk beside me and I would walk him by his tail like it was a leash. That was a big crowd pleaser for some reason. He was the victim of my stupidest dog trick; “kiss the kitty”. He stood for it, neck got real short, as Sparkle and Bitsy would rush up to lick his face. Distinctly it looked like he was backing away from ‘dog germs’ but he loved the attention. He also played dead quite well, on his back with all 4 feet in the air, but I couldn’t get him to close his eyes.

    Professor Plum Pudding and Dinah Mate had 2 cats, Jupiter and Tiso, that they used in a clown show back in the dark ages in Toronto.

  7. I wish I had met Bashful… I did post a pic of him way back when, but he sounds like a cat for the ages. Haven’t ever seen a cat play dead, that would have been massively amusing. I remember you tell me that he shed a cat’s worth and then some every day. Patricia has trained Catbaby (she got him as a kitten from Katie’s girlfriend Jessica) to go for walks and jump into a carrier – he’s very curious and sociable, which is great for a cat who lives in the West End of Vancouver. She dreams of being able to take him to a yoga class.

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