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  1. well, if you can prove by the DNA that somebody is in your family that you didn’t know about before, then instantly >poof< your family is bigger. However, and this is an interesting however, I am not sure if this couldn't be used for nefarious purposes.

  2. Yes, it is scary that a man from a married woman’s past could literally show up one day and prove he is the father of one of her children — this may not even be close to “in the child’s best interest”.

  3. I hadn’t thought of that; that is just ONE of the “ai-yee!” scenarios.

    Back when, and I went looking for it on the internet and couldn’t find the reference, a teacher in England had the kids type their own blood and their parents for a science experiment. As one could sadly predict, something like 20 percent of the kids in the class had a different dad than their moms claimed. ai-yee.

    Funny story from the Lore of India. Ganesh was entreated by Indian women to relieve their pangs in childbirth. He listened carefully and told the women that no good thing comes without effort, and that somebody had to bear the pangs. One of the women suggested that the father take the pangs, and Ganesh said, “It is done.”

    A woman would go into labour – and her neighbour’s husband would experience the pangs. Shamefaced, the women came back and asked Ganesh to put things right again, and grinning slightly, Ganesh said, “It is done.”

  4. That’s very funny, Allegra. Another scenario is a man worming in on a child when it’s mother passes away as a means of getting at his ex-girlfriend’s money. I’m sure you can imagine who I am thinking of!! … and when the stakes are big, it wouldn’t take much imagination to think of buying off the lab tech.

  5. Ok, what do you mean kids found out they had a different father than they thought when they typed their own blood? Blood type will not tell you who the father is. My parents, strangely are both AB. All of my siblings are A. I am B. Believe me, there is no question who my father was. I have however wondered who my real mother is (it’s a joke. She’s the only one in the family without red hair).

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