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Today I have some running around to do.  Keith is joining me and Katie some time this morning and then I’m going to Burnt’s farewell luncheon.  The alcoholic version of said farewell is Saturday, when Burnt and PhD are getting rid of all the alcohol purchased for their nuptials.  Ha!  First time I’ve been invited to a DO NOT BYOB in ages.  Actually since Anna and Paul’s party.

Then other running around.  I’m 48 and have never had a passport, a state of affairs I need to correct soon.  And I should go sign up for the car co-op, as having access to a vehicle would be nice and there’s one parked at the door.  And I need a printer.  It’s only money…..

The inspection on the house was yesterday.  Paul told me that his interaction with the incoming owners (we hope) was ever so civil (he had to beetle over there to provide garage keys so he actually got to speak with them).  We both remain sanguine that the deal will go.

Katie finished another project and called herself pleased about the pamphlet she wrote which I formatted.  Keith is coming over to write up a leaflet about housesitting – he’s wanting another job and is asking the universe if it’s too much to ask to sit down for the next one.

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3 thoughts on “Katie here”

  1. Good that the house sale seems to be progressing smoothly. Knocks forehead. I have a colour dot matrix printer that you can have. Transport might be a bit of a problem. For a car you might try prying loose the toyota that Jeff’s parents gave him. It is old but runs. Right now it is just sitting in his driveway rusting. Tell Keith that after 3 university degrees and some experience in my field I was finally able to get a job that I could do sitting down in my underwear. Hint, hint.

  2. yeah, right. I’m not really int’rested in OWNING a car, ‘specially now that I don’t have a mechanic in the family to ignore when the fluids need changing (okay, rude crack). I will get myself another little Lexmark for a printer, thinketh I. As for all the university degrees, Keith is indeed going to keep educating himself, but at his own pace. He still wants to learn Mandarin, which I think is an ‘honourable, if lunatic proposition’ to quote Dunnett.

  3. Dog and Cat sitting is another useful job that can be done in addition to or in conjunction to housesitting. Jenn charged $5.00 to walk a dog and $5.00 a day to feed an animal. Of course, Keith’s hours at the other job would have to coincide.

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