extremely remiss….

Cousin Gerald reports that Brayden has taken his first step. I refer to this as the ‘life as we know it is now over phase’ – even more so than when the kid comes home, because at least at that point he stays where you put him….. So I learned of this milestone yestreen but forgot to post…

Also, CG sent pix of my dad’s mum when she was young and my gosh she was a pretty thing with a gorgeous smile. Another family photo shows CG as a young child with a passel of relatives. I have to say that my Dad’s side of the family definitely had more in the way of looks than my mum’s – no offense, Mumsie? – and what with Paul’s input the kids at least dodged ugliness.

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  1. God I wish I had your knack for expressing myself!!! The situation is “ditto” for Jenn. I once saw a picture of Spence’s mother in her 20s — I couldn’t believe it she looked like a movie star (think Ingrid Bergman). My Dad’s sister is a beauty (think Nicole Kidman). Jenn not only dodged ugliness, but was actually being recruited internationally to model before her foot got run over by a car. Jenn was the only 1st year model ever to go on the international head sheet, was then picked by an agency in Europe and the agent flew over to interview Jenn. The consistent beauties come from my Dad’s side of the family, but there are some beauties on my Mom’s side too.

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