sleep and chores

Much laundry happened last night. Ensuite laundry is one of the best things that ever happened to me, that and having a bathroom constructed in such a fashion that my dirty clothes can go there instead of in my bedroom

I inherited, upon the clean out of the garage, a stupendous number of Katie’s stuffed animals, including an enormous gorilla, and sacks of her clothing. A couple of the items are likely too small for her, but everything else is in good condition, so I have washed, dried and folded it and put it back in her old laundry hamper, with the summer clothes on top. Like a fool I tried to don one of the more frou frou garments, and five minutes later, after I nearly dislocated my left shoulder wriggling out of it, I realized that if overstuffed sausages decked in lime green lace ever come into fashion, I’d be quite the thing. As it is, you can all thank a special mercy of Providence that I didn’t post pics.

Had a nice long chat with Gail last night; she’s brother Jerome’s mum and has a grandbaby visit to look forward to. As is usual, our conversation ranged over such topics as how cool spiders are and kids say the darnedest things with a side of genealogy.

Back to the Augur Inn today, if I can stand it. I’m okay once I get there but the commute, with all its associations, is really starting to get to me; it was never a good commute to start with considering the horribility of the bus connections, but now it’s a lot warmer, and the Lougheed Town Centre bus loop gets to be like the front gate of hell on a sunny day; it’s so noisy and dirty and full of spitting raucous younguns. Don’t I just sound 90 years older than God, to quote Heinlein.

I was hoping that Paul would have sent back his revision to the separation agreement, seeing as how he has announced that the house wlll not be going on the market until it’s done. Perhaps it will be in today’s email packet. I deleted the next paragraph, and we can all be really happy about that, especially Paul.

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3 thoughts on “sleep and chores”

  1. Maybe you should consider one of those power-assisted bikes. My friend André just bought one and uses it to bike back and forth to work. Helps with the hills around here, but I’m not sure what hills you have to contend with on your particular routes.

  2. Holy Virgin! Take a look at a topo map of Burnaby and get back to me on that….

  3. I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in Burnaby a few times in my very early 20s. I remember my aunt driving up some mighty steep hills in her little yellow standard-transmission fiat convertible. I KNOW I couldn’t have done it. So, I do know some of the hills are brutal in Vancouver, but I was referring to avoiding taking the milk run bus, for trips with mild the medium terrain (if there are any). In Kanata, we have one lowly little hill which the members of the Running Room use for hill training — running up and down it a over and over again. They also go to Gatineau Park for better hill training.

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