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So we said goodbye to Burnt yesterday.  Alas, poor Burnt, having to move with his new bride to San Francisco.  What a chore!  Obviously I envy him.

Yesterday was a hang with the kids and install software kind of a day.

Katie did two more of the outstanding projects yesterday.

I watched a documentary called the Great American Songbook.  I’m going to go out on a limb and aver that it was put together by gay men; there are four or five Garland clips and only two of Sinatra, and one of the Sinatra clips makes him look like he’s singing a love song for the ages to Jimmy Durante, who’s quite spectacularly ugly, and the narrator makes the point of outlining the orientation of every songwriter along the way.  Am I being politically incorrect?  I hope so.  It was a pretty good compilation though.

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  1. Katie must be close to finished?? Every year (high school and university) this period of time drags on and on. Just when I think Jenn is finished, I find out there’s more. Jenn finished 2nd year at the end of May AND …… she is taking a break from California and coming home for a visit. She was still working on booking her flight when I went to bed last night, but I see from my charge card this morning that she did manage to pay for a flight. Big Happy Face!!

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