Lodge report – and earworms note

Chipper says she has Gezillions of fireflies at Red Deer Lodge.  Or is it Bazillions?  Enquiring minds want to know.  First no blackflies, now tons fireflies.  Oh, and she’s 95% full for July and August.  It’s shaping up to be a decent year.

I keep meaning to mention that I have the two WORST EARWORMS evar.  An earworm, for those of you who may not know the technical name for this hideous disorder, is a song you CANNOT get out of your head.  One is Mika’s Grace Kelly, and the other is Champion’s No Heaven.  The two are seesawing through my mind like a toddler on meth.

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3 thoughts on “Lodge report – and earworms note”

  1. Awsome news from Chipper. Bad year for black flies, good year for the fireflies — equals good year for campers!! I wonder if this good news also applies to the interior of Algonguin?

  2. I am told I had an earworm for the last couple of days, probably derived from having Channel 422 (elevator music) on 24/7 in the sun room. But neither of us can name the tune I have been whistling, and now the earworm seems to have departed.

    Children visiting Red Deer Lodge will have magical experiences with the fireflies. My magical experience there involved a canoe trip to the waterfall, in the long northern twilight, with utterly still water and reflections that were other-wordly. I can see them still. And loons calling. Of course.

  3. Ha. I remember when you’d start whistling “Santa Lucia” and the spiders would start dropping from the ceiling and fleeing.

    Okay, that never happened, but I can measure the fraction of a tone by which you’d slide off key by the third bar……

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