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  1. I wish Brenda were still living so I could share this with her. We spent Grade 11-13 in many of the same classes including Art & Art history, visiting many of the fine art gallaries in Ontario. Brenda was an unbelievable person and exceptional artist who received her degree in Fine Arts at the University of Guelph. She was my best friend and I will carry her in my heart forever. She passed away on April 8, 2006 after a 5-year battle against breast cancer.

  2. This is simply fabulous. I have watched it now half a dozen times. Do you think that the fact that a vast majority of the portraits face left is an artifact of the selection process, or that it would apply to all portraits of women? And how few of them are openly smiling! So many in that respect are little different than the Mona Lisa. And not many teeth showing. Curious. It has been said that Mona Lisa’s semi-smile concealed bad teeth. Perhaps that is true of some of the others as well. Most of the portraits are from eras of inadequate dentistry.
    I am planning for my sister to see this when she is next here. She spent a lot of time in England, France and Italy, and her degree is in Art in History. She will probably recognize many of these from seeing the originals.

  3. Lexi sent it to me. I’d already seen it earlier that week but fortunately her reminder forced me to post the link. So now ev’ybody gets to see it.

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