News roundup

Hurricane forecast accuracy is reduced, but you’re not supposed to complain about it.

Pride has two faces. 

Alcohol protects against rheumatoid arthritis?  I’ll drink to that !!  Ooh, and further down it says that breastfeeding longer than 13 months protects against rheumatoid arthritis as well!  (May protect, anyway, according to preliminary research…)

Junk DNA isn’t really junk?

Monty Python was wrong…. there is no Universally Funny Joke.

The majority of mammalian genes tick to a circadian clock.

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  1. Sent the link to Jenn regarding mammalian genes responding to circadian clock. Good idea for the young analysts to start including these control variables in their studies.

  2. “Is Junk DNA really junk?” … that’s a print and read (FOR ME). Good book on mitochrondrial DNA is The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes! Have you read it?

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