8 thoughts on “The house is listed”

  1. Awesome. I hope you will be able to find interesting things to do, now that you won’t be putting in all those hours scouring the Augur Inn. Can I say, I’m proud of you for persevering through it all with dignity?

  2. I’m not proud of me although I thank the sentiment that prompted your comment. Many things are stacked up against us right now; there are many houses in East Burnaby for sale; the Fraser floods will take everybody’s mind off purchasing houses; the house, while on a nice piece of land in a convenient location, is middle aged and showing it; we’re showing it vacant which means we will get immediate lowball offers. However the asking price is fair for the value and comparable recent property sales. ($524,900, in case you were wondering…)

    It will be on the market three months, as that’s as much room as we have on our lines of credit. If it doesn’t sell, Paul will move back in. Wish us luck, we’ll need heaps of it to weather the nerve storms.

  3. Yeah, I was kind of wondering how expensive Vancouver housing has gotten. This level of pricing would blow away our parents (or at least my parents), having bought their first home when I was 15 for $39K. They can’t even fathom the cost of our current home ($240K in 1998) and comparable homes are now going for around $300K-325K. If you were plannig on moving to an area with lower housing prices, you could really clean up though. I’m thinking of the little waterfall on the way to your work and I guess you’d like to stay in Vancouver.

  4. Here’s a thought. What if you knew someone with really nice furniture that wanted to store it for a bit. It would be perfect as you could set your house up to look really cozy (I’m assuming all the furniture has either gone to you or Paul or been otherwise disposed of) and since no-one is living there, the furniture would remain spotless!! Maybe someone from your church??

  5. Already talked to the insurance company about it being vacant… god, I love my insurance co… the Personal. It’s not a problem. If we have to get furniture in we’ll cross that when we come to it.

    You’ll laugh. Somebody already talked to the real estate agent – AFTER TOSSING THE SIGN INTO THE SIDE YARD. What a fuckwit. Wish I knew who did that. Paul justabout freaked when he went by the house. I am SO glad he’s living close by.

  6. Well hopefully, you at least have curtains up and rotate the lighting to make it look like someone is living in the house? Hate to see some idiots break into your house and use it for a party night. Like you said, it is a good thing Paul lives nearby. The party thing happened to neighbours when we were living in our last house — while they were on vacation!!

  7. Ick. Well, we’re thinking of bribing Keith to hang out there more. But I think we should be okay.

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