Visited with Stephanie yesterday and had the great privilege of watching her work on some art.  She had spent an hour an a half being slathered with plaster of paris so she could do a torso mold, and she was making various course corrections in the hardened clay piece and making a stand for it.  As we got to sit out in her gazebo while she was working, it was exceeding pleasant, but wow, it was some hot yesterday. When everything is done she’s going to glaze and fire it, and seeing as how it was already very fine I can hardly wait to see the finished piece.
We also had lunch at Havana.  I had had a very rough night’s sleep on Friday – worst night’s sleep I’ve had in quite some time – so I pleaded intense sleepiness and deked home around 4, and so missed meeting her new boyfriend; you can tell how bagged I was that my curiosity was overcome by exhaustion.  Got home and literally went to bed and slept for 12 hours, having the most bizarre dreams you can imagine.  I was chased by a naked Robin Williams, refereed a discussion between two three year old girls (but I want you to stay fowa my pawty) (but I’m not feewing weww), found out that the entire time I was living at the Augur Inn there was a (cue ominous music) secret room; got shit from Keith for packing his stuff without labelling it and there were more dreams on top of that, mostly involving Paul, although it was all very civil.

Keith is coming over today briefly and then to Tom and Peggy’s for supper, yeah.

Since I finally have a printer I can work on moving some of my books around with Bookcrossing – I can make labelz…

I’m hoping that all the guys I know who are at the Arlington Air Show are having a good time.  The weather has been good and hot.

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