Communicative evening.

Briefest, Keith. I was watching a parkour video at the same time and didn’t tell him.

Next, me auld mither. Much earflapping commiserating plotting etc.

Next, the dear lass Peggy, returned with smiles from visiting NFLD. And and and – sailing! Tom in a sailboat for the first time in 40 years. Experiencing vicarious happiness!!! I’ll see them at church on Sunday with Tammy, if everything goes as skedded.

Then, Brother Jerome, to toast in words his anticipated and upcoming nuptials with the stunning and practical (ah, such a wonderful combination in a life partner) Shannon.

Briefly, Mike, “I have gift for you = and Tammy is coming so don’t be a stranger!”

Then Elly, who is going to Toronto to visit her boys next month! And fine, strapping lads they are, too, full of creative vim and energy.

Then, daughter Katie. I owe her money, how did that happen?

Now the smell of the chicken wings I cooked is getting quite assertive, so I’m gonna have sweet potato and chicken wings.


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