No dice.

I went home like a lady in a walker, so sore in the back (and suffering from another ailment that my father will thank me not to elucidate) that I could scarcely lift my feet.  LTGW showed up later for a beer and to fill me in on the days of his lives (good, bad, and yowch!) and then very kindly offered to take me to a walkin clinic which was full and another clinic, which was closed (and then dropped me off at home which was more than decent of him).  Since the notion of spending six to eight hours at RCH waiting to be seen for a non life threatening ailment was more than I could stand, I’ll be down the hill at 8 tomorrow morning when the clinic opens.  Meantime I’m pushing cranberry juice and feeling very sorry for myself and covering myself in blankies, because I’m so cold I’ve got the shakes.

But it’ll be fixed soon, and in the meantime I have the warm and fuzzy feeling of having been looked after by a friend.

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6 thoughts on “No dice.”

  1. Aroo! Hope your back feels better soon, and that the clinic hooks you up with successful de-non-specified-ailment-ing treatment.

  2. Yeah. You know that you are getting old when you start buying tylenol in 1000 pill bottles. I’m off tomorrow to get one of my very expensive teeth yanked. The graceless glide to geezerhood appears to be turning into body surfing on an avalanche.

  3. Tylenol is on the list, for sure. Hopefully the dentist will fix you up with a double helping of I-don’t-care before the big yank happens…..and here’s hoping it comes out in one piece.

    As for YOU Lady Miss Banjola, I haven’t even dragged myself out to visit you with your casty things, and I take your comments very kindly. Have a blast at OVFF!!!


    As for my unspecified ailment, I’m on Cipro, which should blast the infection clean out of my body in three days. 

  4. Nor will you be able to, since I get my cast off on Friday. WHEE! Whether I can leave the house after that is still up in the air, but at least I’ll be able to wash my wrist, by god.

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