I had a lovely time at the party last night, and stayed up WAY past my bedtime.  I wasn’t out of bed this morning until after 8, can you credit it?

Katie and Jessica D came by and fixed my hair and makeup.  I looked fabulous and no, no pictures.  I will try to reproduce the glamorization of Allegra at some point, but Mike was appropriately startled at the massive change to my appearance. I have finally gotten over my (grrr) feelings of unhappiness about him perming his hair, but I guess that was just me wanting things to stay the same forever, which, oddly enough, they don’t.

Sometime today Dr Filk is going to show up, and I have to vote, and I need to get some yummy foodicles for the party on Sunday.  La la….

Jeff went through HELL trying to return the trailer to U-Haul yesterday.  Did you know the franchisees, while they are not supposed to, can refuse to take items back on a WHIM?  It bit a good chunk out of the day to find someplace and then help the woman who ran the place get the trailer into the parking lot.  What a life!

Waffles this morning… now I am going to make a list and then get to Famous Foods and completely flip out anyway.

More when I have somethin’ else to report.  Oh, I’m SO looking forward to the party.

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