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ScaryClown, Who Does Not Want to Go to America tomorrow, came over and we had beers and a documentary blowout.  The first movie was entitled Fuck and the second was Lenny Bruce Without Tears.  The former is about the origins and culture war over that most useful word, and the second was a nice segue because of course Lenny was key to the first movie.  The sound quality of the second movie was quite lousy – somebody should go through the soundtrack and digitally enhance it.

Halfway through the festivities my google calendar made my phone go off and reminded me that I could go naked bowling tomorrow.  Yes, I know it sounds like I’m making it up, but I’m not.  ScaryClown and Jeff were all full of comments like “Why the f;c& would you want to do that?” and “That’s just wrong on so many levels” (& I’m sure that on the basis of previous posts it will be obvious who said what.) There’s no challenge in upsetting those boys.  Then we get to the end of the Lenny Bruce documentary and I said, “I’d hit that,” and once again the boys were disgusted.  No challenge, no challenge at all.  And if Zombie Lenny Bruce came back I’d STILL hit it.  So there.

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